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Silk Sticker Under Eye Pads


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Eyelash Extension Under Eye Pad
Silk, lint free!
Use eyelash extension pads for:
*Eyelash extension application
*Eyelash curling
*Eyelash tinting
*Use eyelash extension pads to hold down lower lashes instead of using micro pore tape
*Eyelash extension pads are very thin and lint free with adhesive that is specially designed for eyelash extension application
*Slightly curved design to fit under eye to cover all of the lower lashes
*Eyelash extension pads have a smooth backing which do not have the microfibres that get caught on the eyelashes
*Eyelash extension pads remove easily, so there is no tugging on the delicate under-eye area
*Eyelash extension pads are more comfortable for the user in comparison to using surgical adhesive tape

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