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Hifu Face and Body Treatments


HIFU Facial treatment  (Ultherapy)

The HIFU Facial is one of the advanced Non Surgical Face lifting treatments at the moment which has been clinically proven to tighten and lift the face by delivering focused ultra sound shots 4.5 mm deep into the SMAS layer of your skin, this is the layer that surgeons reach when you go under the knife, this is why HIFU ( High Intensity Ultrasound has become a popular choice for advanced Facial lifting and tightening.

A full neck and face treatment will take 1 hr 30 mins approx, I will start the treatment from your neck then onto your face, where i will deliver ultrasound shots 4.5 mm  deep into the SMAS layer, this layer is where your muscles are and the shots will make your muscles contract and tighten, i will then deliver shots 3.o mm deep to target the Dermis layer to stimulate new Collagen which will soften lines and wrinkles which will give your skin a much more plumper and rejuvenated appearance.  the last setting i will use will be shots 1.5 mm deep which will target the superficial layer of your face and neck to tighten open pores, reduce puffy eyes and tighten lines and wrinkles. Your regenerated skin will start producing more Collagen and Elastin and your features that loose toning, such as the cheeks and cheek bones which will give you a more youthful appearance, one treatment is normally required and up to three treatments for some clients depending on their tissue laxity, tightening results can be seen after one treatment and ultimate results will take place within 3 months as new Collagen is regenerated .

Choose from:

A full face and neck treatment,will include:

Eye Contour Lift, Reduce turkey Neck,Tighten loose jowls, Contour a double chin, Lift the Eyebrow, define the cheek bones, lift the neck, smooth the eye area and reduce crows feet, define the jawline .

£145.00, duration up to 90 mins approx.


Neck, chin , cheeks and Jawline,  £130.00, duration up to 60 mins approx.


Neck Only £99.00

HIFU Facial, lose skin under chin tightened, jowls lifted and jawline defined

HIFU Lipo (Fat reduction)Body Treatments

HIFU Lipo uses ultrasound and controlled high temperature to effectively kill fat cells on first touch. Fat cells are then removed into the lymph to be carried out naturally by the body.

HIFU uses a working surface area of 43 mm², delivering high intensity focused ultrasound 13 mm into the subcutaneous fat via a hand piece.  This energy creates a heat of 60-65° causing Necrosis within the fat cells in targeted areas.  HIFU Lipo will treat ‘pockets of fat’ situated around the body, ideal for sculpting the body shape. The affected fat cells in the treated area die and dissolve over a course of weeks.

The latest technology delivering a 24 line matrix of focused energy shots, this latest technology has so many benefits as it  is specifically targeted and delivers faster results, one treatments is normally  required, some clients ,may benefit more from 3 treatments, delivered 4/6 weeks apart.

The treatment focuses on pockets of fat on the abdomen, Hips under arms and inside or outer thighs .

What results can I expect

Small results may  be seen straight after treatment, most results will be seen in 3/4 weeks as the fat cells in the treated area die and dissolve when the residue is picked up by the Lymphatic system and removed through the body over a course of weeks. This will give a reduction in the fat layer treated.

What will  happen during the treatment

Firstly, the Therapist will mark the treated area to determine treatment procedure.  A thin layer of gel is applied to the skin and the treatment head, the treatment head is placed on the area and the HIFU is emitted, There will be a build-up of heat in the area and then the hand piece is placed in the next area and process repeated until the area is complete.

Choose from:

Stomach  £130.00 

Backs of both Arms

Inner or Outer Thighs £99.00

Under Bum £99.00

Hips £99.00

Flanks £99.00










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