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Do not perm or curl the extensions using clamp eyelash curlers.

Do not wear mascara as this will lessen the life of your extensions.

Do not use eye make-up remover that contains any type of oil products such as petroleum.

Do keep the eye area clean. This is very important. Some ladies love their lashes so much they don’t even want to get them wet at all. Avoiding proper hygiene can result in an eye infection whether wearing eyelash extensions or not.

Try and sleep on your back to avoid crushing your extensions in the pillow.

Do not use sunbed for 24 hours after application or saunas/steam rooms for 48hrs.

The golden rule for wearing eyelash extensions is the less you touch them the longer they will last. However, it is important to keep the eye area clean.

Remember to make a return appointment in plenty of time for an infill treatment should you wish to keep your lashes on; this should be every 2 -3 weeks to keep your lashes in optimum condition.

Never attempt to remove lashes by pulling them out Always return to us for correct and safe removal to avoid damage to your natural lashes!

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